Woven Placemats - Natural Water Seagrass Placemat Hyacinth Columbus Mall $17 Woven Placemats - Natural Water Hyacinth Seagrass Woven Placemat Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining Placemats,emplavisudoeste.com.br,Seagrass,-,Water,Placemat,Hyacinth,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,Woven,Natural,/depreciatingly431994.html,$17,Woven Placemats,emplavisudoeste.com.br,Seagrass,-,Water,Placemat,Hyacinth,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,Woven,Natural,/depreciatingly431994.html,$17,Woven Woven Placemats - Natural Water Seagrass Placemat Hyacinth Columbus Mall $17 Woven Placemats - Natural Water Hyacinth Seagrass Woven Placemat Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining

Woven Placemats Baltimore Mall - Natural Water Seagrass Placemat Hyacinth Columbus Mall

Woven Placemats - Natural Water Hyacinth Seagrass Woven Placemat


Woven Placemats - Natural Water Hyacinth Seagrass Woven Placemat

Product description

Set your table or spruce up your living space, with a little help from nature!


These woven placemats are a simple and stylish design made from 100% natural Water Hyacinth Seagrass. Their neutral colors allow them to blend in a variety of settings with any color scheme. These lovely placemats will be ideal through each season, for any occasion!


Protect your tabletop from heat, scrapes, stains and scuffs
Accentuate your tabletop décor by adding a neutral, yet charming touch.
Placemat can be used in a variety of indoor/outdoor settings.


Create a classic, yet earthy foundation for your table setting with this Seagrass Placemat. Beautifully textured with subtle coloration that will bring a vintage look and relaxed feel. Blends well with so many decor styles, from boho to mid-century.


To complete the look, pair the placemats with our premium, matching woven napkin rings. When wrapped around a napkin, this accessory creates a coordinated and beautiful table presentation. Designed to compliment a wide range of colors and offer a minimalistic chic style, yet still being contemporary and fresh.


Unlike wooden, marble, lacquer or stone (which need constant protection), our woven placemats are versatile to be used all around your living spaces. Try using a placemat under your laptop to protect it from scratching your furniture, or under a plant or stack of books to offer you functional purpose, as well as beautiful aesthetic.


  • 4 x Woven Placemats
  • 4 x Woven Napkin Rings

Woven Placemats - Natural Water Hyacinth Seagrass Woven Placemat

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We are an authorised Triumph Motorcycle Dealership with showrooms in Blackburn and Manchester, covering Lancashire and the North West.
We also run authorised Piaggio, Vespa and Gilera Scooter Dealerships in Manchester and Blackburn and you can visit our Scooter Website here.

On this site you can browse all the latest ranges from Triumph Motorcycles, our wide range of used motorcycles, scooters, parts and accessories.
If you are looking for a second hand bike in the North West, Lancashire or Manchester, our showrooms are conveniently located, with ample parking and open 7 days a week.

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